Beyond Lending, close transactions with greater speed, efficiency and confidence

Close transactions with greater speed, efficiency and confidence

Improve the service delivery to your clients with streamlined, accurate, technology-enabled support.

As lenders scale and grow their business, in-house legal and document production teams experience significant demand to facilitate file preparation and review.

Although many documents may not require significant negotiation, they can present operational challenges when done traditionally, especially with multiple vendors. Manual completion and short timelines can overload internal resources, often at the expense of accuracy.

Working with you to give you more control and confidence

Beyond Lending is a bespoke offering customized to streamline your secured lending transactions tailored to your standards and requirements.

By using a core team of specialized BLG legal professionals, standardized workflow processes, and leveraging technology for intelligent document production, we are able to enhance your experience on each transaction by:

  • reducing time spent on documentation and file review
  • accelerating your average turn around time
  • improving accuracy
  • providing your clients with improved cost certainty

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